Decaffeinated Assam Tea (FOP)

Decaffeinated Assam Tea (FOP)

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Please Note: Our Decaffeinated Assam is now being sourced from a different estate than the last few years. It has a smaller cut, and will taste a little different. We suggest trying it before ordering a large quantity.

Our Decaffeinated Assam brews a copper-colored infusion with good full-bodied character and a nice maltiness, typical of Assam teas. Naturally decaffeinated with CO2. Use one teaspoon per cup and steep 3 minutes in freshly boiled water. Takes milk and sugar well.

Our decaffeinated teas are naturally decaffeinated using a process that removes caffeine without using chemicals of any sort. The freshly plucked tea leaves are briefly soaked in water and gently flushed with carbon dioxide (CO2). The CO2 binds to the caffeine molecules and extracts them from the tea leaving behind all the natural proteins that give tea its flavor. It also leaves many of the polyphenols and antioxidants intact, so it's still good for you.

About Assam: Much as the Romans planted vineyards throughout their empire, the British, during colonial times, planted tea in India, Sri Lanka, and Africa. It could be argued that the finest of this tea is grown in Assam, a northeastern province of India. Home to some of the world's most fertile tea plantations, Assam is sandwiched into a region that borders on China, Burma, and Bangladesh. The first plantation was planted there by British settlers in 1837. The British found that Assam's growing conditions were absolutely perfect for tea, being that daytime temperatures there can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature, combined with an extremely wet topography due to its situation nearby the Brahmaputra River, create what can only be described as a natural greenhouse. When the British first arrived in the area, this natural greenhouse was responsible for growing wild tea plants that measured more than 60 feet tall! Tea bushes in Assam, as they are in all tea growing regions, are now trimmed to grow to about 3.5 feet tall. This height is preferred so that the pluckers can easily reach the best leaf - the top bud and two leaves growing below it. It is this leaf that produces the best Assam tea.

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Reviewer: 10/09/2017
By far the best decaffeinated Assam I've tried. Malty with mild astringency and medium body. I brew it up a little stronger than normal because I like it with milk, but it's also very good black. This has become my go-to tea for my daily pot.

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Decaffeinated Assam Tea (FOP)


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