Lung Ching (Dragon Well) First Grade Tea - SALE

Lung Ching (Dragon Well) First Grade Tea - SALE

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Lung Ching is one of the most popular teas in China, where green teas are far more popular than they are in North America. Shortly after picking, Lung Ching teas are pressed and pan-roasted to stop the natural oxidation process. This maintains the green tea while imparting a rich, toasty flavor.

This Lung Ching (Also known as Dragon Well) is a wonderful #1 Grade with a sweet, toasty flavor. It's also less sensitive to steeping time than other Lung Chings we have tried. Use 1 heaping tsp. of leaves per cup and brew 2-3 minutes in nearly boiling (185 degree) water.

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Lung Ching (Dragon Well) First Grade Tea - SALE


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