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Butter Truffles Tea

Butter Truffles Tea
The aroma of Butter Truffles tea will make you instantly crave cookies! Which is perfect because this blend smells just like delicious freshly-baked butter cookies. Contains premium black tea, pistachios, almond pieces, cumin, coriander, pink peppercorns, and natural flavors. Use one teaspoon per cup and steep 3-5 minutes in freshly boiled water.

Average Customer Rating

Reviewer: Rebekah 05/05/2012
This tea smells amazing: rich, buttery, and sweet, and although the taste doesn't quite do the smell justice, I still find it a soothing and delicious tea. I will admit though, I find it much more satisfying to hold the warm cup in my hands and breathe in the vapors than to actually drink it.
Reviewer: Sarah 03/14/2011
It's funny, I agreed with the previous reviewer and thought this tea was odd. I didn't even care for the smell. But combined with milk and sugar it began to grow on me as I became used to it and here I am ordering it again! Just a bit though.
I was not a fan of this tea at all. It sounds good in theory, and even smells good when you open the pouch - that creamy, buttery smell. However, it just seems like this flavor was not meant to be combined with tea. I only had one cup of it and didn't steep it again
Reviewer: Woodie 01/02/2015
My first few sips was devine, with all the buttery cream flavor goodness. When I got to half a cup of the tea, it got boring. [Just the same butter cream flavor] I really do like this tea, but it needs more bells and
Reviewer: Jamie 02/04/2014
This has become one of my favorite teas. It really reminds me of cookies. So buttery and sweet. It's great with a little milk and sugar. I love it in this cold weather. The boyfriend doesn't like it. At little too dessert- like for his tea preference.
Reviewer: Kristen 08/09/2013
This is by far my favorite tea in the universe! The smell is comforting and I absolutely love the taste! I can't get enough of it!
This tea really came together when I added some half and half. Made all the difference and now I love it for a dessert drink.
I love this tea. The aroma is fantastic. A little cream and sugar turn this tea into dessert in a cup. [Less calories than a bunch of cookies, too! LOL]

Number of ratings: 9

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