Ultimate Breakfast Tea

Ultimate Breakfast Tea

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Finally, a breakfast tea for the serious tea lover. To make Ultimate Breakfast Tea we custom blend ultra premium, single estate Keemun and Assam teas to create a distinctive breakfast blend with a complex character and uniquely peppery finish. This is definitely one of those "Wow" teas. While it doesn't knock you out with its power, like some breakfast teas, it is definitely a breakfast blend, but with a depth we've never tasted before.

Ultimate Breakfast Tea starts off smooth and rich when freshly brewed and hot, with the Keemun taking the forefront. As it cools and oxidizes, the Assam starts making itself more apparent and the tea takes on a bit more of a breakfast tea edge, yet the astringency always remains mild.

Steep one teaspoon of tea per cup in freshly boiled water for 3-5 minutes. Adjust the time to control the amount of desired astringency, from nearly none at 3 minutes to moderate at 5 minutes.

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Reviewer: gary.furrow@gmail.com 08/21/2017
possibly the best tea that I have ever drank. It is expensive, but, I believe it is worth the price.
Truly fantastic. I ordered a sample of this with an order and am drinking it now. Smooth, complex, and medium bodied. It doesn't have a tanin heavy body, so I don't think this would go great with milk and sugar, but if you like a complex, medium bodied black tea with a truly special flavor [very smokey undertones as well] then look no further! I'm absolutely going to be buying this one again.

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Ultimate Breakfast Tea


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