Tea of the Month Club - 6 Shipments with Gift Item

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Choose a Gift Item to be sent with the first shipment
Simply select your gift item before adding the tea plan to your basket. We will select a color based on current inventory.

Canadian Customers: Due to the high cost of international shipping of small packages, Tea of the Month Clubs for recipients in Canada will be sent in their entirety, in one shipment.

Selecting and ordering your tea plan.

  • A monthly shipment of Quality Loose Leaf Tea in our resealable foil packaging. Most shipments are 4 oz, but some may be less depending on the plan and the particular tea sent that month.

  • Select your tea plan above (please scroll down for descriptions of each plan).

  • Select the start date above - if you need the first package delivered by a certain date, please put a note to that effect in the "Special Instructions" field during checkout.

  • Price above includes standard shipping for orders within the U.S. (Express Shipping for the first shipment can be selected during checkout.) Please note that if you add other products to your order, there will be an additional shipping charge.

  • Shipments go out around the beginning of the month and the first shipment will include a welcome letter.

Descriptions of Tea Plans:

  • The Variety Plan is perfect if you don't know what someone likes or if you love all tea! We will simply vary the kind of tea you will receive each month, typically rotating among flavored black, unflavored black, green, and herbal teas (4 oz. each shipment).

  • The Decaffeinated Plan includes black and green teas that have been naturally decaffeinated with CO2. Examples include Decaf English Breakfast, Decaf Green Tea with Apricot, Decaf Earl Grey (3 oz. each shipment).

  • The Estate Black Tea Plan includes fine black teas that each comes from a single estate or tea garden. These teas tend to have unique characteristics particular to that estate for that season. Like fine wines, they will vary somewhat from year to year. No flavored teas are in this group. Examples include Keemun Three Monkey, Royal Golden Yunnan, and Ceylon Lumbini Special. (2-4 ounces of tea per shipment.)

  • The Flavored Black and Blends Tea Plan includes a wide variety of premium black tea blends, some with added flavors and scents. Examples include Yorkshire Gold, Earl Grey, Peach and Ginger, Cinnamon Orange Spice, Monk's Blend and Black Currant (4 oz. each shipment).

  • The Green Tea Plan includes a wide variety of Chinese and Japanese green teas, both plain and flavored, such as Jasmine Yin Hao, Sencha, and Crime of Passion. (3-4 oz. per shipment).

  • The Herbal Tea Plan includes caffeine-free fruit blends, rooibos, and other herbal blends of various dried herbs, flowers, and fruit pieces. Examples include Blackberry Twist, Chamomile Mint, Casablanca, and Rooibos Cream Caramel (4 oz. each shipment).

  • The Rooibos Plan provides the herbal tea, Rooibos (pronounced "roy bus"), which is made from the needle-like leaves of a caffeine-free bush native to South Africa. Good both hot and cold, it has a mild flavor and won't turn bitter with extended brewing. It is known for its soothing properties. Examples include Rainbow Rooibos, Rooibos Cream Caramel, and Rooibos White Chocolate Toffee (4 oz. each shipment).

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Tea of the Month Club - 6 Shipments with Gift Item


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