Single Estate Black Tea Sampler

Single Estate Black Tea Sampler

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Single Estate Teas are one of the best ways to explore the variety available in loose leaf tea. Unlike other teas, which have added flavors or are blends of teas from dozens or hundreds of tea farms, or "estates", single estate teas are produced from tea grown on a single estate and from a single harvest. Like fine wine, this gives them far more unique characteristics than other teas. Also like wines, they will vary somewhat from year to year, depending on that season's growing conditions.

Our Single Estate Black Tea sampler includes 2 ounces each of five different single estate black teas:

Yunnan Imperial
Assam Gingia
Ceylon Lumbini OP1
Keemun Three Monkey
Makaibari Organic Autumnal Darjeeling

If a specific tea is currently unavailable, we will replace it with a similar tea.

Includes explanations of the different types of tea and instructions on how to brew a perfect pot of tea.

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Single Estate Black Tea Sampler