Earl Grey White Tip Tea

Earl Grey White Tip Tea

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Earl Grey White Tip is a classic blend of Ceylon black tea and oil of bergamot with white Yinzhen tips, also known as Silver Needles, added for extra smoothness. Earl Grey White Tip is intended for the tea lover more than regular Earl Greys, with higher grade, large leaf Ceylon tea and a more subtle amount of high quality bergamot. This tea has a wonderful aroma, which is matched only by its elegant flavor.

Use one slightly heaping teaspoon of leaves per cup, and steep for 3 minutes in freshly boiled water..

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I love this tea! It's darker and more full bodied than other earl grey teas I've had, but that is what I enjoy about it. Nice big full tea leaves. It makes a great breakfast tea with a spash of cream.
this is one of my all time favorite teas. I've been buying it for over ten years and I still love it.

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Earl Grey White Tip Tea


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