Decaffeinated Strawberry Green Tea

Decaffeinated Strawberry Green Tea

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There's no better flavor to go along with light, smooth, Sencha green tea than the sweetness of Strawberry. When the Sencha is naturally decaffeinated, you get a drink that is perfect hot or cold, any time of day.

Our Decaffeinated Strawberry Green tea is a tasty blend of naturally decaffeinated sencha green tea, natural strawberry flavor with freeze-dried strawberry pieces.

Infuse one teaspoon per cup of steaming (175 degree) water for 1-1.5 minute. Shorter infusion times will yield a smoother drink, while 1.5 minutes will give more bite to the tea..

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Reviewer: 01/22/2018
By far, this is the best decaf green tea that I have experienced. I love it!!!!! This is my repeat order.
I thought this Tea was good. But it didn't have much of a Strawberry flavor.

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Decaffeinated Strawberry Green Tea


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