Decaffeinated English Breakfast Black Tea

Decaffeinated English Breakfast Black Tea

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Our Decaffeinated English Breakfast black tea starts with a variety of China black teas which are then naturally decaffeinated and blended to produce a flavorful breakfast blend good for any time of day. Steep one teaspoon per cup for 4-5 minutes in freshly boiled water. Since this tea has fine cut leaves, it is recommended to use a paper or cloth infuser bag, or one with a fine mesh.

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Strong, balanced, and full bodied. this is a great black tea for a later evening, like a cup of good decaf coffee after a meal. Will absolutely hold up to milk and sugar, though I only use those ingredients in cardamom blacks, and on its own, it's a great tea on its own.

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Decaffeinated English Breakfast Black Tea


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