Wild Blackberry Tea

Wild Blackberry Tea

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Our Wild Blackberry Tea is a delicious black tea blend with natural blackberry flavor, blackberry leaves, cornflower petals and mallow blossoms. An often-requested tea, we're pleased to have such a flavorful one! Great hot or makes an excellent iced tea. Use one teaspoon per cup and steep in freshly boiled water for 3-5 minutes.

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Reviewer: lilygirl0612@gmail.com 07/13/2017
Amazing!! A must try. I actually mix this tea with the Bohemian Raspberry tea. Then I freeze some raspberries and blackberries [sometimes I crush up the 2 fruits together]or leave them whole place them in a ice cube tray with water and freeze them. With the crushed fruit I add water directly in the crushed fruit mix together good and pour into silicone ice cube trays. Try to make sure the tea is cold also. Place the icecubes in the tea and you have a delicious glass of ice tea. [The icecubes you can use either or, or use a couple of each kind. I love to serve cold drinks in Mason Jar's

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Wild Blackberry Tea


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