T-Sac / TeaBrew Filters

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T-Sac / TeaBrew Filters are unbleached disposable paper filters that are great for brewing tea while traveling or at the office. Just spoon the tea into the pouch and secure the tab under the teapot lid (also can be ironed shut). 100 filters per box. Made in Germany. Size 1 is small for 1-2 cups of tea; Size 2 for 3-4 cups; Size 3 for 6-8 cups; Size 4 for 10-12 cups.

When making iced tea, the #3 is recommended for 1/2 gallon and the #4 for 1/2 to 1 gallon.

Specific brand may be T-Sac or TeaBrew, depending on current availability. The filters themselves are identical.

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Reviewer: sgrancy48@yahoo.com 06/01/2017
I think these filters are great. Use the 4 cup for my Mr Coffee Tea Pot and do not have to deal with leaves floating in ice tea and the 2 cup is great for my hot tea pot on cold mornings.
I like the paper filters especially if my teapot has a narrow opening.

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T-Sac / TeaBrew Filters


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