New book, “The Spirituality of Tea” by Jason Witt

spirituality-coverHere is an excerpt from Jason Witt’s new book, The Spirituality of Tea, which is now available on

“Tea is God’s Blessing for your mind, body, and spirit. The three are inseparable and none is most important; tea is God’s Gift to your whole person.  It will first give you Peace of Mind, reducing the stress that could kill you at a young age, and grant you better focus.

Then tea keeps you young as the Fountain of Youth. Stress would otherwise age you, along with a number of other factors, ending with the major diseases. Tea is known to potentially prevent all that.  And it is spiritual virtue to come to God like a child (who doesn’t age.) It’s worthy of Paradise.

Finally tea is revealed as the Tree of Life. It’s the healing Food of Heaven, now available here on earth for these current generations. And pu-erh tea shows itself enlightening as a particularly spiritual tea, a blessing upon those who enjoy it faithfully.”

Jason Witt…has God as his Significant Other.
Jason…is an expert on the Spirituality of Tea (with a Western perspective.)
he…likes tea-themed music of all eras.
…is a good listener.
…eats a low-calorie diet.
…has overcome a lot of addictions, including to wine and women.
…doesn’t ever want to own a car again or buy his own house (so he’s also green.)
…lives the simple life without gathering many possessions.
…nevertheless drinks a lot of tea.
…now resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA.

We thank Jason for reading and commenting on our blog and wish him the best!