Brewing tea for an event

I wanted to share this email from a customer because she goes into some detail about how she managed to provide brewed loose tea for a large group at a church function.  I thought others might benefit from her experience and description of her method.  It is also a very sweet “thank you” which we all most appreciate! — Lori

Dear Lori,

I just wanted to share with you the appreciation of the tea “Holiday Dream” that I served at our church’s ADVENT BY CANDLELIGHT evening for ladies of our congregation and the community.

This annual event was the 14th time it was held in our Family Life Center.  Twenty round tables were decorated by the women of the congregation. Each lady selects her own theme, provides all the decorations and even the tableware should she so desire.  Our congregation does have cloth tablecloths for the ladies to use or they can provide their own.  Naturally, candles play an important part in the table decorations since they are the only lighting during the program and serving of dessert.  Its amazing that over the years a table has never been duplicated!

We serve coffee but by far, tea is the beverage of choice.  We prepared 21 pots of tea, using HOLIDAY DREAM. that I had purchased from you.  I bagged the loose tea in large pot sachets so each pot had its own pre-measured amount of tea.  My committee heated the tea pots, boiled water, timed the brewing of the tea, placed each teapot on a tea warmer and
covered it with a cozy.  Needless to say, between my daughter, my tea buddy, and myself, we have all the necessary articles to do such a large undertaking. It arrived at the tables ready for sipping.  There was not a drip of tea left in the pots at the end of the evening.

So many ladies requested the information regarding the tea that I have placed the information of your web site and your toll free number in our church bulletin for this next Sunday.  I hope you will have some inquiries and orders!   It is my joy to use and serve tea from you.