Mile High Breakfast Tea

Mile High Breakfast Tea

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Everyone enjoys a nice, strong breakfast tea, and we wanted to find out exactly how strong a blend we could come up with. Our Mile High Breakfast Tea is strong, really strong, made from a unique combination of premium teas from China and Guatemala. It steeps almost to the color of coffee, without too much astringency. In the spirit of regional breakfast tea names like Irish and Scottish breakfast teas, we decided to name it for the home of The Tea Table in the Mile High State of Colorado.

Please note: Mile High Breakfast Tea contains both large leaf and fine cut tea to produce the strongest possible beverage. A fine mesh, cloth or paper infuser is suggested.

Steep one shallow teaspoon of tea per cup in freshly boiled water for 3-5 minutes, depending on how much kick you want in your morning.

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Mile High Breakfast Tea


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