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Drum Mountain White Cloud Tea

Drum Mountain White Cloud Tea
Drum Mountain White Cloud white tea is grown today on the very mountain tops where the monks of the historic Buddhist Drum Mountain Monastery grew their teas for centuries. This tea is highly aromatic with a sweet, slightly nutty and mildly fruity flavor. Use 2 heaping soup spoons per cup and steep 2-3 minutes in steaming water. Good for multiple infusions.

Average Customer Rating

This tea is the best! It's probably my very favorite tea, and it's the one that's gotten the most complements from guests, too.
If you want a parallel of this tea, it's a lighter, subtler, more complex version of the chun mee tai pan superior green tea. Great tea for the price. It's very grassy for a white, but I like that [nowhere near as grassy as a sencha green though, so there's no "fishyness"]
Reviewer: Jennifer 07/29/2013
I loved this one! I put it in the bottom of the cup so it could expand, and it was fresh and mild and grassy. I would buy again.
Reviewer: chuck 01/27/2013
Amazing. Actually has a better taste on the 2nd infusion

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