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Rum Cream Tea

Rum Cream Tea
Rum Cream Tea is a delicious strong black tea with coconut shreds, wild strawberry leaves, rum and cream flavors, and safflower petals. Use 1 tsp. per cup and steep 3 minutes in freshly boiled water.

Average Customer Rating

Reviewer: Rebekah 05/13/2012
I was surprised at how much of a strawberry overtone this tea had. It was a bit fruitier than I expected, but still tasty. It wasn't too strong on the coconut for me, but I followed the directions exactly.
Reviewer: Sara 02/11/2012
Only get this tea if you love coconut. Very strong hints of it. The smell is great when you open the bag, but make sure the tea is not over brewed.
This tea is really growing on me. I got it along with the coconut tea hoping the two would be comparable. It's not as strong of a coconut flavor as I'd hoped, but it turned out to be ever better than an alternative to the coconut. It is a fascinating blend of flavors, but one that I have come to love. This started as a tea I was unsure about, to one of my favorites.
Reviewer: Woodie 01/02/2015
This tea blend is very interesting, with a mix of fruits, rum and cream..When the tea is very hot, you can really taste the coconut strawberry flavors. When the tea cools down , then rum and cream hit you with a Bang of flavor. I Just adore this tea! Drinkng this delicious tea, is like liquid cake in a cup.
Reviewer: Jennifer 09/02/2014
Deliciously decadent!

Number of ratings: 6

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