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Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos Tea

Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos Tea
With a robust vanilla flavor, Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos makes for a very satisfying brew! Contains choice-grade rooibos, natural bourbon vanilla flavor, almond flakes and calendula petals in a base of rooibos tea. Caffeine-free. Use 1 tsp. per cup and steep 5-10 minutes in freshly boiled water.

Rooibos (pronounced "roy bus") is made from the needle-like leaves of a caffeine-free bush native to South Africa. It is oxidized like black tea, and is a popular alternative to decaffeinated black tea. Good both hot and cold, it has a mild flavor and won't turn bitter with extended brewing.

Average Customer Rating

Reviewer: andy 11/23/2011
Yuck. Tastes like vanilla flavored tobacco
Reviewer: Jennifer 11/11/2015
My favorite rooibos!
Reviewer: Patty 10/24/2015
I am finding out that I am a rooibos fan and this tea is pretty good! It's not something I would drink every day, but it's a great tea when you feel the need to switch things up. I tasted more vanilla than bourbon.
Reviewer: sallie 12/11/2013
Wow...I love this tea & I'm back here ordering it again. It's fine just plain, but I like adding just a touch of brown sugar & sometimes a drop or two of almond flavoring. I'm actually not a bourbon fan, but in this rooibos its the magic ingredient that creates its full bodied mellow flavor. Great iced as well. Try it!
Reviewer: Julie 01/14/2013
The first time I brewed this, I was unimpressed, I just made another cup today and love it. I added a little rock sugar to it, which, may have brought out the flavors.
The tea was alright; it was not really what I expected. In my opinion, the vanilla taste is hardly detectable, I was expecting it to be a bit more prominent. The rooibos itself is very tasteful, the vanilla is just lacking.
Reviewer: Laura 11/16/2012
If you love vanilla, you'll love this smooth delicious tea. No bitterness, just a pleasant vanilla taste. I use Agave as a sweetener, and it actually helps ignite the flavor of this tea [actually all of the teas]; giving it just a nice light sweet glow on the tastebuds! So, if vanilla is your thing, you won't be disappointed. This tea is good if you mix it with the Roman Provence, as well!!! Enjoy!
Rooibos in my opinion isn't all that strong so the vanilla and bourbon flavor really show in this tea. Makes for an interesting decaf iced tea!

Number of ratings: 12

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