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Oolong teas cover the range from green to black, with a wide variety of flavors. Learn how to make the most of this wonderful tea category."
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Fujian Oolong Tea - SALE

Fujian Oolong Tea - SALE
On Sale! Prices listed are 10% off!

Our Fujian Oolong Tea is a Ti Kuan Yin style Oolong, with tightly curled leaves that unfurl as they steep, but it has been oxidized longer to give a darker, richer cup with a truly wonderful aroma. Fujian Oolong is one of the best values we have ever found, so don't be fooled by the low price. The flavor is similar to a toasty, aromatic Wu Yi Oolong, but at a significantly lower price.

Steep one heaping teaspoon for each cup in nearly boiling (190 degree) water for 3 minutes. The water should be hotter than used for most Oolongs to bring out the fullest flavor, but should not be boiling. When prepared properly, Fujian Oolong will have a full flavor with virtually no astringency. Good for multiple infusions.

Average Customer Rating

Reviewer: Gale 01/24/2014
Formosa has been my favorite since I do not like overly floral Oolongs, ...until Fujian, a little darker roast and a little smokier than Formosa makes this a very strong contender for 1st place in my tea box! Wonderful taste at a great price!
Reviewer: Christine 11/07/2013
very good flavor, it will be a staple at my house. It does compare well with the Ti Kuan Yins I already have.
Reviewer: Colin 10/23/2013
Four stars on the flavor, the price gets it a fifth! It's woodier than my usual ti kuan yin, but still managed to be sweet and complex. Really is just a bit "meatier" than the fine or first ti kuan yin's. This and First Grade ti kuan yin are both going to become regulars in my tea cabinet.

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