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Bourbon Sunday Blend Tea

Bourbon Sunday Blend Tea
It is said that vanilla calms the nerves, lifts the spirits, and improves the romantic aspect of one's life. Vanilla is an extraordinary flavor, full of mystery and elusiveness that is often taken for granted. Did you know that vanilla is the only edible fruit of the orchid family? It is also the world's most labor-intensive agricultural crop, taking up to three years after the vines are planted before the first flowers appear! Vanilla has a long history of robbery and intrigue as it is very expensive and highly prized, and in the growing countries it is not uncommon for vanilla rustling to occur.

Bourbon Sunday Blend is a black tea blend of tippy Assam teas combined with real Bourbon vanilla pieces, giving it a wonderfully sweet aroma. Enjoy with milk and sugar for a great dessert... and not only on Sunday! Use one teaspoon per cup and steep in freshly boiled water for 3-5 minutes.

Average Customer Rating

Reviewer: Sara 02/11/2012
I love this tea! The vanilla hints and oh my word the smell alone was greatness. I drank this without sugar the second cup and it was much better than with sugar in it. Too sweet for me otherwise. To repeat....I love it.
Reviewer: Michael 11/11/2010
OMG!!! This tea is delicious. Right now, it is my favorite.
Both my husband and I agree that this is an amazing tea! It's a perfect cup first thing in the morning, filling your head with the aroma of vanilla followed by the body of black tea. It is a staple in our pantry now! Simply delicious!
Reviewer: Brian 01/12/2013
My new Favorite Tea! The aroma is warm and calming, the taste follows with a warm, smooth infusion of vanilla. Delicious!
Reviewer: Marge 01/10/2013
My favorite.

Number of ratings: 9

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