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Magic Tea Maker

Magic Tea Maker
Please Note: The Magic Tea Maker we currently sell has a brewing chamber with a more attractive, curved shape and larger capacity from what is in the picture. Otherwise it functions exactly the same and fits on the same size mug.

The Magic Tea Maker is an ingenious teapot that has a fine plastic mesh filter at the bottom with a convenient trigger mechanism so that this teapot basically acts as a giant brewing basket. Just put your loose tea in the pot, fill with hot water, let it brew. Then place the pot on top of your cup, mug, iced tea pitcher, or other serving vessel. This triggers the release mechanism and the tea is filtered down through the strainer. Lift up on the pot at any time to stop the flow. Works especially well for making iced tea--just make a concentrate in your Magic and strain into a half-gallon pitcher of ice. Clean and simple. Made of hard plastic. Dishwasher-safe, although hand-washing is recommended to keep it looking its best. Stains can be removed with a few drops of household bleach. 18 ounce capacity.

Average Customer Rating

Reviewer: Anne 12/28/2011
This is a GREAT product. I keep two at home, and rotate between them in order to save leaves for multiple infusions. I do note that if I fill the whole chamber, I end up overfilling one average size mug, so I often split a single chamber brew between two mugs. Also, as I have replaced these over the years [I was gifted my first one ten years ago!], I have noted that not all magic pitchers are created the same: some have plastic mesh in them, making them microwave-safe, but others have metal mesh When I was in a college dorm and had no access to a stove, the plastic mesh ones could be warmed in a microwave and I could still have my tea! Highly recommended, absolutely no tea leaves ever found in my tea.
Reviewer: Pat 03/24/2011
this is the best little gadget for making a glass of ice tea. I double my tea and steep then drain it into my 32oz mason jar filled to the top with ice cubes. Fresh brewed icetea in 15 minutes or less. and with a rinse it is clean and ready for the next glass
At first glance this seems like a time saver but I found it more difficult to clean than any other method I use to make ice tea. I don't put it in the dishwasher since in our unit mesh traps particles.

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