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What is a tea strainer for?

Often confused with an infuser, a tea strainer is used when you have placed loose tea leaves in your pot to brew. When ready to pour, you place the strainer over your cup and pour the brewed tea through it to catch any leaves. If you use a strainer, you don’t need to use an …continue reading

What’s that thingy you put the tea leaves in?

Often confused with a strainer, this is a ball or basket that you put your tea leaves in while they brew. The point is easy removal of the leaves once you’re done brewing your tea. You don’t want your brewed tea leaves in the water too long because they will continue to brew and may turn your tea bitter. …continue reading

What do you mean by “steep the tea”?

The verbs to brew, to steep, and to infuse all refer to the process of adding hot water to tea leaves or tea bags and allowing them to sit for a few minutes – in other words, making an infusion.