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Major Site Upgrade

By John Rice, General Manager

Hello everyone.  Sorry I’ve been so quiet in the blog area lately.  I plan to be changing that.  I just want to announce that over the last (nearly) two days we have been applying a major upgrade to the online store.  This is a significant undertaking and it never goes as smoothly as it seems like it should.  Previous customers will notice that some things are in a different place.  The search window is now at the top right instead of top left and the mini cart is now on the left instead of the right.  There are also some changes which improve ease of use, such as you can add items to your cart from a category list and when you search, the results are no longer just a list but now include pictures and the beginning of the description.

Of course, we will be discovering various bugs and other things which need correcting over the next several days.  If you run into anything that doesn’t seem to work correctly, please send me a description of it through our Contact page or in the comments field of your order.  Thank you for your patience during the last two days and as we fine tune the new site.

One thing which is not functioning properly at the moment is when you try to order something that is out of stock.  Currently it does not inform you that the item it out of stock on the item description page and then you see an error when you try to add it to your cart.  It is also not currently possible to buy or use Gift Certificates.  We are working on correcting these.

4 comments to Major Site Upgrade

  • Heather

    The site looks great! Very similar to the old layout, but sharper.

    Thanks for taking the time to improve the site, and thanks for your dedication to selling wonderful tea at totally reasonable prices. I’ve been buying your tea for years, mostly for the purpose of making cold sweet tea. We usually drink a couple gallons of tea each week, sweetened with a little Splenda. I always have two big containers (different flavors) in the refrigerator.

    Almost every kind of tea I’ve tried (dozens!) has worked well cold. Any temperature below tongue-maiming-hot works for me, to be honest. Even teas that should be carefully tended (like green teas) seem happy cooking in my iced tea maker. Each new batch generates comments like “Honey, this tea is awesome!” or “Mmmmmm, what is this? Order more of it.”

    I tell anyone who brings up tea to shop here, though most people sadly seem less interested in quality than Wal-Mart style convenience. My husband is a committed Starbucks person (I’m not so into coffee, shockingly), but he doesn’t hesitate to direct people here if they ask about tea.

    I was brought up by a mom who often made hot tea, and always let me choose my flavor out of a big glass jar filled with colorful packets mixed up together. She still has the jar filled with packets, and I still go straight for the Constant Comment or Throat Coat when I feel sick or really cold. For Christmas a couple years ago I gave her a tin filled with teas from here that I knew she’d like, and found out months later it had been declared off-limits to my siblings as it was “Mom’s Special Tea”. :)

    And that’s the long way of saying thanks; I appreciate everything you all do to consistently provide good products, prices, and service. Years (and many orders) have passed with no problems whatsoever, so now I don’t buy tea anywhere else. I latch onto businesses that deliver quality and competent customer service; showing integrity as a business will always turn me into an enthusiastic repeat customer.

    • Thank you, Heather! What a delightful note to read first thing in the morning as I sip my tea! We’re so glad to hear how pleased you’ve been over the years–thanks for your loyalty and for spreading the word. There is no better advertising! Cheers! –Lori

  • Rachel

    Another glitch I just discovered is that you can’t modify your “favorites.” I wanted to delete one and add a new one, but it keeps taking back to the log in page.

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