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Iced Tea Brewing Tip

by Lori Way, MS, RD

A good friend recently asked me a question about making iced tea, and it occurred to me that others may have the same question. She usually makes her iced tea with our Cinnamon Orange Spice tea, but the other day made it with Yorkshire Gold. She used the same method …continue reading

The world's best iced tea in ten minutes.

By John Rice, General Manager

I'm always surprised that people who insist on the high quality of loose leaf tea when they intend to drink it hot, assume they have to use bagged tea when they will be drinking it iced. The fact is, using loose leaf tea for iced tea is incredibly simple …continue reading

A note about sun tea

We know sun tea is very popular, but from a food safety standpoint, we advise against it.  Sun tea is made by steeping tea bags in a large container of water placed in the sun for several hours to warm it.  The problem is that the water only gets warm enough to encourage the growth of bacteria.   Iced …continue reading