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Nevermind the health claims – buy produce!

By Lori Bricker, MS, RD

Since the whole thing with Lipton and the FDA, I’ve been thinking and reading a lot about tea and health and labeling—more than usual.  In case you missed it, Lipton got in trouble over its talk about antioxidants, among other things (read my post about it).  And now the …continue reading

FDA’s Health Claims – A Primer

By Lori Bricker, MS, RD

In conjunction with my post about the FDA's warnings against the makers of Lipton and Canada Dry Sparkling Green Tea Ginger Ale, I  wanted to provide some further information about how FDA food claims work.  The FDA also has a page the describes all this in more detail, and I …continue reading

FDA Warns Tea Isn’t a Drug

By Lori Bricker, MS, RD

In an effort to be helpful, customers and friends sometimes tell us we should use some health factoid about tea in our ads, labels, etc.  We try to explain that we are prevented from doing that by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules. Often, people don’t quite understand and sometimes …continue reading