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Ecological Sustainability in China

A friend from school days, Charles Bedford, who is the Colorado Director of The Nature Conservancy, is currently on a year-long trip to China promoting ecological sustainability. This, of course, is critical not only for global ecology, but particularly for the tea industry. Read his well-written observations here… – John

An Update on Tea and Caffeine

I’ve been hearing for a while that decaffeinating your tea at home by first brewing for 30 seconds or so, then re-brewing the same leaves in fresh water, does not actually work.  I have recommended this method in the past, and I see it suggested all the time by all sorts of tea authorities, so …continue reading

How to Brew Tea at the Office

Tea drinkers are really at a disadvantage compared to their coffee-loving counterparts when it comes to having their favorite brew at work.  I’ve never been in an office that didn’t have a coffee pot.  But a proper teapot?  If you’re lucky you’ll get a hot water dispenser and some nasty tea bags.  So it usually …continue reading

Our Blog Contest Winner!

Thanks to everyone who submitted blog entries for The Tea Table’s blog contest.  We had fun reading them, and it appeared you had fun writing them as well.  We decided the best entry was by Anne who wrote a clever post relating tea with dating.  Congratulations to Anne, who wins our Quarterly Tea of the …continue reading

“I’m looking for a tea that will cure my condition. What do you recommend?”

"I'm looking for a tea that will cure my condition.  What do you recommend?"  This is a fairly common inquiry that we receive, and I'd like to address it because it requires a bit of explanation instead of the short answer hoped for. Usually people who ask us this question are brand new to tea. …continue reading

Credit Card Security

From John’s Desk

These days many people are concerned about the security of their credit cards.  While the concern is valid, often the measures they take to keep their cards safe actually expose them to greater risk.  The fact is, using a credit card to purchase online from a reputable, secure retailer is one of …continue reading

Blogging Contest — Win a free Tea of the Month Club!

We invite you to participate in our blog and get the chance to win a Tea of the Month Club!  To enter the contest, leave a comment to this post.  You may talk about anything you want, as long as it relates to tea in some way that people might want to read about.  Please, …continue reading

We shape clay into a pot . . .

We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want. — Tao-Te Ching.

How much tea should I buy at once?

A 1-2 month supply is a good starting point for most people. If you are really set on one or two teas and you are confident you will continue to like them and drink them daily, you may get a year’s supply at one time. One pound of tea makes roughly 200 cups, so that …continue reading