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Payment Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Call us toll-free 866-551-5520 or use our Contact Us page to email us.

What payment methods do you accept? We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Pay Pal. You may also pay by check, cashier's check, or money order. Debit cards are welcome, but please read the notice in red below.

How do you process credit/debit cards? We use online real-time credit card processing. Our gateway provider is PayPal Payflow Pro (formerly VeriSign), which processes as many as 18 billion Internet transactions every day around the world. Payflow Pro is a secure, reliable payment gateway. The payment gateway sends billing information to banks to authorize, process, and manage payments that come from online, mail, and telephone orders. Financial institutions require billing information for these orders to be transmitted through a certified, secure connection such as the Payflow Pro payment gateway from PayPal.

What is an "authorization"? An authorization is not the same as a charge. An authorization simply holds the money for us for a while, but it has not transferred to our account yet. When we process your order, we capture the funds at that time, and the transaction is complete.

If you get a "declined" message, you may not have enough funds available to pay for the order, and no authorizations were put on your card. Try using another credit card.

Why does my billing address have to match what my card-issuing bank has on file? Since you are not here to sign for your credit card purchase, the only way online merchants have of verifying your identity is to make sure your billing address matches what is on file for your credit card. This protects us from fraud and you from identity thieves. Please note that if you supply a billing address that does not match, we will contact you via phone or email to get your correct billing address. We cannot process an order until we get a match for your address.

An important note to debit card users: When you place an order using your debit card, an authorization is put on your card. This holds the funds in your checking account for us to capture later when we process your order. If you have to resubmit your order for any reason, there will be another authorization placed on your card with each order submission. Although we will only capture the funds once, you will still see each authorization on your checking account separately until they expire. (Expiration times are up to the bank, not us.) Please be careful using your debit card so you don't overdraw your account. There isn't much we can do about it on this end.

I need to cancel my order and receive a refund - how does that work? We can cancel your order any time before it has shipped. Just call or email us as soon as possible. (We usually ship within 24 hours during the week.) We will either void or refund your transaction as soon as we cancel the order. It may, however, take a few days or more for the charge to be removed from your card. The time it takes is up to your card-issuing bank. Please contact your bank if you have questions about this.

Who will see my credit card number when I submit it? Credit card numbers are encrypted upon submission to the web site. Credit card numbers, expiration dates, transaction ID numbers, and other data can only be unencrypted by authorized personnel who have several layers of passwords to access this information. Typically this information does not need to be accessed by Tea Table staff because a real-time authorization sends the credit card number directly to PayPal Payflow Pro, and we do not need to see the card number to complete the transaction. We will only need to look at your credit card number if there is some kind of problem with your credit card.

How can I avoid entering my credit card number? If you don't like entering in your credit card information on web sites, but want to pay via credit card, you may select the option "Pay by Phone" when you check-out. This will submit your order without payment, and you can call us with your payment information. Your order will be held until we hear from you. This is also a good option to choose if you already submitted your credit card number, but got declined and had to go back to change something. This will prevent a second authorization from being placed on your card. Do keep in mind that telephone conversations are not guaranteed to be secure, especially cell or wireless calls. It is really safer to pay over the Internet via a secure server like ours. Please never, ever, email your credit card number to us or anyone else. Email is not a secure transaction.

Can you save my credit card information so I don't have to enter it every time? I'm sorry we no longer offer this service. This keeps our security at the highest possible level and helps protect you from identity thieves.

What is Pay Pal? Pay Pal is a payment service that allows you to pay for your order without entering in your credit card number every time. You simply set up a free Pay Pal account at the Pay Pal web site, then use that to pay at online stores that accept Pay Pal. For more details, visit

How do I pay by check? If you want to send a check, cashier's check, or money order, just select the "Check" option when you check-out. We will send your order once we receive your cashier's check or money order. Personal checks must clear before we send your order. This usually takes about a week.

Have more questions? Call us toll-free 866-551-5520 or use our Contact Us page to email us.