Pai Mu Tan Natural White Tea

Pai Mu Tan Natural White Tea

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Pai Mu Tan White Tea, also known as Bai Mudan or White Peony, is one of the most popular and sought after teas in Eastern tea drinking cultures. We sell several variations, such as Drum Mountain White Cloud and Imperial Silver Needles, each with its own characteristics. Our Pai Mu Tan is grown without the use of pesticides and contains large, delicate leaves varying from green to white in color, and represents a particularly good value. It brews a light yellow liquor with a delicate, floral sweetness somewhat reminiscent of a quality Ti Kuan Yin Oolong.

Steep one generous tablespoon of leaves per cup for 2-3 minutes in nearly boiled (185 degree) water. May be re-infused.

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Pai Mu Tan Natural White Tea


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