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Bai Hao White Tip Oolong Tea

Bai Hao White Tip Oolong Tea
Bai Hao White Tip Oolong has been a big hit with everyone at The Tea Table. It has the pleasantly sweet, toasty flavor common to Formosa Oolongs and a distinctly fruity note reminiscent of peaches. Try it as an exotic, unsweetened iced tea.

Sometimes known as "Braggert's Tea" due to the farmer who first harvested it telling stories of the high prices it yielded, Bai Hao consists of one silky white bud for every two top leaves picked. It is then oxidized more than most Oolongs, lending to its sweet flavor.

Infuse two teaspoons in nearly boiling (190 degree) water for three minutes. Good for multiple infusions.

Unlike anything I've tasted before. Very light, and it really does have a hint of fruitiness. Outstanding evening tea.

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