Allegria Jasmine Burst Green Tea

Allegria Jasmine Burst Green Tea

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It is believed that jasmine tea was first produced during the great cultural flowering of the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Allegria Jasmine Burst was created as a tribute to the original producers of jasmine tea. The beautiful white tips of this artfully hand-tied "flowering tea" open up to reveal marigold, jasmine, and Arabian jasmine blossoms. The outer tea leaves serve to represent the potential of the Chinese people while the blossoms represent the cultural power unlocked during the Song Dynasty.

The cup produced as the pod unfurls is intensely delicate, with a bright jasmine character layered over pale grassy notes with a hint of light honey. A wonderful sipping tea. Place one ball in a glass mug or small teapot and pour 180-degree water over the ball. It should be fully open in 5-6 minutes, at which point it is at its fullest flavor. You may leave the ball in your cup or pot and reinfuse with more fresh water, 1-3 minutes. About 4 balls per ounce.

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Allegria Jasmine Burst Green Tea


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