Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea

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The flavor of an Earl Grey tea depends on the quality and quantity of the oil used and the quality of the tea leaves. Our Earl Grey tea, from the classic British blender Taylor's of Harrogate, has a nice even flavor, good aroma, and is made from fine quality bergamot and China black teas. Use one teaspoon per cup and steep 3-5 minutes in freshly boiled water.

Earl Grey Tea is the most popular tea blend in the western world. Its distinctive flavor is derived from the addition of oil of bergamot, a highly aromatic oil made from the rind of the fruit of the Citrus bergamia, a citrus fruit typical of Southeast Asia and grown commercially in Italy. The tea is named after the second Earl Grey, who was the British Prime Minister in the early 1830s. He reputedly received tea flavored with bergamot oil as a diplomatic gift.

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Earl Grey Tea


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