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Warm up Valentine's Day with Tea - 1/31/2014 Newsletter


Get 10% off loose leaf tea!  Enter code VALENTINE at checkout. No minimum purchase. Discount applies only to loose leaf tea.  Expires February 15.

New Tea

Decaf English Breakfast Black Tea

Decaf English Breakfast

Decaffeinated English Breakfast black tea starts with a variety of China black teas which are then naturally decaffeinated and blended to produce a flavorful breakfast blend good for any time of day.

16oz Bell Teapot

16oz For Life Bell Teapot

Well, not entirely new, but back in stock after a mad dash at Christmas.  This stylish and popular teapot is available in even more colors than before!

Bohemian Raspberry Green Tea

Bohemian Raspberry Green Tea

Bohemian Raspberry Tea is one of our most soothing green teas yet! A pan-fired green tea in the sencha style from Hunan Province in South Eastern China produces an infusion that is pale green to yellow with mellow grassy undertones and sweet raspberry notes.

10% OffNow on sale! Prices listed are 10% off!

Caramel Black Tea

Caramel Black Tea

Our Caramel Black Tea contains real caramel bits! Its sweet butteriness makes this tea great with dessert, or it can be the dessert! The slight vanilla flavor mixes perfectly with a little milk and a dash of sugar.

10% OffNow on sale! Prices listed are 10% off!

Thanks for your enthusiasm for all things tea!

John Rice, General Manager

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