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New Teapot, Coupon – Newsletter 11/7/2013



Get 10% off loose leaf tea!  Enter code NOVEMBERTEA at checkout. No minimum purchase. Discount applies only to loose leaf tea.  Expires November 23

New Tea

Decaffeinated Black Tea w/Apricot

Decaf Black Tea with Apricot

A wonderful tea at a wonderful price. Our Decaffeinated Black Tea with Apricot is a basic, reasonably priced tea with a pleasant flavor and no frills. Starting with a Ceylon base, natural apricot flavoring is added along a few pale yellow rose blossoms.

58 oz Teapot

Special purchase item at 40% off regular price.

This 58 oz. Cafe style ceramic teapot is actually designed for infusion coffee brewing, but it is an excellent 10 cup teapot and is also handy for brewing iced tea.  Available in an assortment of colors, while supplies last.

“New Teas.  Lots of New Teas”

New Teas

We’ve been shopping.  We’ve been searching.  We’ve been finding.  Finding new teas, that is.  I know it probably seems I’m making a big deal out of nothing, but it’s not easy to find new teas which meet our standards.

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Natural Pearl River Green Tea

Natural Pearl River Green Tea

From Shanghai, China, Natural Pearl River is the perfect green tea. With an even, curly leaf, this tea is hand-sorted to select only the leaves that can curl in this manner.

10% OffNow on sale! Prices listed are 10% off!

Earl Grey Black Tea

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea is the most popular tea blend in the western world. Its distinctive flavor is derived from the addition of oil of bergamot, a highly aromatic oil made from the rind of the fruit of the Citrus bergamia, a citrus fruit typical of Southeast Asia and grown commercially in Italy.

10% OffNow on sale! Prices listed are 10% off!

Thanks for your enthusiasm for all things tea!

John Rice, General Manager Toll-free: 866-551-5520

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