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March into 2014 with New Tea



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New Tea

Decaf Blackcurrant

Decaffeinated Blackcurrant Black Tea

Our Decaffeinated Blackcurrant Black Tea is a caffeine free version of our very popular Blackcurrant tea. Premium Celyon tea is naturally decaffeinated and flavored with essence of Blackcurrants for a satisfyingly smooth and naturally sweet drink that is excellent both hot and cold.

Teacup Spoon

Teacup & Teapot Demitasse Spoons

These popular spoons are finally back in stock and ready to ship. They are available with both teacup and teapot handles and in stainless steel and gold plate.

Five O’Clock Tea

Five O'Clock Tea

Our Five O’Clock Tea is a special House Blend of large leaf, single estate Darjeeling, highland Ceylon, and Oolong teas. This tea is so complex and tasty, we can hardly believe it is a blend. Very light and refreshing flavor with a delicate sweetness, just perfect for afternoon tea parties but great any time of day.

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Hojicha Green Tea

Hojicha Green Tea

Hojicha is an unusual, roasted green tea, made from Japanese Bancha. The nut brown leaves infuse to a golden brown cup with a toasty aroma and a mellow, nutty-earthy taste. Often appeals to coffee lovers.

10% OffNow on sale! Prices listed are 10% off!

Thanks for your enthusiasm for all things tea!

John Rice, General Manager

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