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Getting the Most Out of Oolong Tea

Wu Yi Natural Oolong

Anyone who receives our newsletter knows we have been finding plenty of wonderful new Oolong teas.  For those not familiar with what Oolong tea is, simply put, it is the category of teas spanning the entire range between Green and Black, and has traditionally been sun dried.  The difference between …continue reading

The Annual Tea of the Month Club Sale is ON!!

Our Annual Tea of the Month Club Sale is ON!! Now you can choose between a Bonus Gift Item or 15% off regular price, but only for a limited time.  Click the image above to view the options. Coupon: Get 10% off loose leaf tea!  Enter code DECEMBERTEA at checkout. No minimum purchase. Discount …continue reading

Is It Really In Stock? Yes It Is!

John Rice – General Manager

In recent years, and especially the last several months, I’ve been receiving the same question from new customers.  “Is what I want really in stock?  Will it ship now or some later time?”  It seems it’s becoming almost common to list items for sale that are not in stock.  Then …continue reading

New Teas, Lots of New Teas

John Rice, General Manager.

We’ve been shopping.  We’ve been searching.  We’ve been finding.  Finding new teas, that is.  I know it probably seems like I’m making a big deal out of nothing, but it’s not always easy to find teas that meet our standards.  I can (and have) received dozens of samples from some tea …continue reading

Drink Tea, Help Small Business, Save the World.

John Rice, General Manager

By its very nature, loose leaf tea is one of the simplest, least ecologically damaging beverages available.  I’m really not exaggerating.  Probably the only less impactful beverage is plain water.  At least, it can and should be that way.  Loose leaf tea offers the opportunity to have the beverages you drink …continue reading

Clearing up the issue of Iced Tea

John Rice: General Manager

This summer I was reading a LOT of discussion about icing loose leaf tea.  Many people have trouble keeping the tea clear once it has been iced.  The problem can range from simple fogginess to something that is usually described as “milky”.  To make matters more frustrating, the issue seems to …continue reading

The Business of Blends

by John Rice, General Manager

One area we have been diving into more at The Tea Table is the craft of blends.  While we have always offered our own flavored blends, in the last couple years we have ventured further into unflavored ones.  Normally, unflavored blends are commercially developed using teas from dozens or even …continue reading

Tea Bag Myth Busted

by Lori Way, MS, RD

I’m sure you’ve heard that tea bags are made from the sweepings of tea factory floors.  Now I’ve always figured that was not true, but at the 2011 Tea Expo, Nigel Melican gave a scientific argument explaining why it can’t possibly be true.  Get a load of this:

In the …continue reading

Iced Tea Brewing Tip

by Lori Way, MS, RD

A good friend recently asked me a question about making iced tea, and it occurred to me that others may have the same question. She usually makes her iced tea with our Cinnamon Orange Spice tea, but the other day made it with Yorkshire Gold. She used the same method …continue reading

Catechin Content of Green Tea

by Lori Bricker, MS, RD

A customer recently asked me this question: “One of my primary intentions in drinking green tea is the healthy benefits of EGCG/catechins. To that end, have the various teas been tested and what green teas that you carry are highest in catechins?”

Here is my answer:

We have not had …continue reading