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Ultimate Breakfast Tea

Ultimate Breakfast Tea

Finally, a breakfast tea for the serious tea lover. To make Ultimate Breakfast Tea we custom blend ultra premium, single estate Keemun and Assam teas to create a distinctive breakfast blend with a complex character and uniquely peppery finish.

“Clearing up the issue of Iced Tea”

Clearing up the issue of Iced Tea

This summer I was reading a LOT of discussion about icing loose leaf tea.  Many people have trouble keeping the tea clear once it has been iced.  The problem can range from simple fogginess to something that is usually described as “milky”.  To make matters more frustrating, the issue seems to be more common with better teas.

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Chocolate Covered Cherry Rooibos

Chocolate Covered Cherry Rooibos

A custom blend of choice grade rooibos with cocoa bean pieces and natural cherry flavor. A wonderful taste treat with no guilt!

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Buckingham Palace Garden Party Tea

Buckingham Palace Garden Party Tea

Intriguing hints of a high-grown Earl Grey flavored Ceylon effortlessly complement the soft jasmine notes of a China green tea. Couple this with malty Assam and golden Kenyan tea and you have one of the most flavorful teas to come from the British Isles.

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Thanks for your enthusiasm for all things tea!

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