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Iced Tea Sampler

Iced Tea Sampler
If you've been making iced tea out of store-bought tea bags, you have no idea how good iced tea can be! This sampler provides four loose leaf teas that make stunning iced tea! Sampler contains a 4-oz. package of each tea (an ounce makes at least a gallon of iced tea.) We've included a plain black tea (Natural Keemun Panda), an herbal (Georgia Peach Rooibos), a green (Lemon Green), and a flavored black (Blood Orange). (If a tea is unavailable, a suitable replacement will be made.)

How to Quickly and Safely Brew 1/2 Gallon of Great Loose Leaf Iced Tea:

1. Heat one quart of filtered water to the temperature indicated in the brewing instructions.
2. Pour it over the amount of tea you would use to make about 4-5 cups of hot tea and brew as directed.
3. If you add sugar, do it now and stir well.
4. Fill a 1/2 gallon pitcher half way with ice.
5. Pour the brewed tea into the pitcher through a strainer to catch the leaves, or remove the infuser. Stir until well chilled and the ice stops melting. Add cold water or more ice to make 1/2 gallon.
6. It's ready to drink! Enjoy! To make a gallon, just double the amount of boiled water and tea.

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