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Chun Mee Tai Pan Superior Tea

Chun Mee Tai Pan Superior Tea
"Tai-pan" was the name given to an influential foreign businessman doingbusiness in Hong Kong and China during the 19th century. The life of a Tai-panin those days was often exciting and luxurious, as undiscovered trade routes were opened and they quickly gathered great fortunes on the frontiers of world commerce. Like many wealthy businesspeople in any time period, the Tai-pansof old China enjoyed the splendid accessories of wealth: sumptuous feasts, fine wines, racehorses, and the like. In fact, they were most likely very influential on the development of the luxury market for most products in the Far East.

In an effort to reach this market, a tea grower at the time living in Hunan Province decided to create what might be considered the first "luxury" teadeveloped for Western tastes. The tea maker knew that the Tai-pans had tastes for the finer things in lifeand therefore had highly refined palates. So, he was determined to make a tea which was sweet and smooth. He also surmised, based on their apparent appreciation for Eastern art, that the Tai-pans must have an eye for beauty and understood that the leaf style would need to be very fine and evenly graded. It was named "Chun Mee," meaning "precious eyebrow" to describe its lovely shape.The Tai-pan businessmen loved the tea and quickly added it to their steady diet of Cuban cigars, caviar, Cognac, and the like.

The days of the old Tai-pan may be over, but this fantastic tea remains. Still manufactured according to the old techniques, Chun Mee Tai Pan Superior Tea has a very fine, emeraldleaf that infuses to produce a mild yellow-green liquor. The cup is sweet, with hintsof an almost Sencha-like clover butteriness, grassy notes, and a long exceptionally smooth finish. Use one to two teaspoons per cup and steep about 3 minutes in 180-degree water.

Average Customer Rating

This tea is a perfect blend of sencha grassy-ness with a chinese buttery freshness. 3 minutes in 180 is just fine, though it comes across differently, but I agree with the other reviewer that 170 and 1-2 minutes is best. This tea is my go-to for a basic green, and is great for 2-3 infusions, making it a superb value.
Reviewer: Douglas 08/09/2013
I just went thru an order of Hojicha green tea, using it mostly for ice tea this summer. I'd heat a large amount of water, and have 3 long infusions in my French press. The tea tasted great. I tried that with this tea, and it was horribly bitter. Same problem when I made it hot. I spoke with John, the GM, and he said I needed to follow the rules. Water to 170, and only steep it for 1 min. I then used a meat thermometer to check the water temp;Lo and Behold, it's excellent when properly done; tastes totally different then when over steeped with over hot water. Thanks to John for the time he spent on the phone with me.

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